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Importance of Canine Fitness

Canine Fitness Month was in April, but that doesn’t mean that your dog should stop exercising now. In fact, we recommend exercise year round, with an added bonus of warmer weather!

Good Ways to Get Your Pet to Exercise

There are many ways to encourage a dog to be more active. One of the best ways is to engage in play. Chasing balls is a favorite activity of most breeds, and it’s easy to teach your dog to do it. Just throw a ball of the appropriate size, and when the dog picks it up, call him to come back to you with the ball. Once he does, praise him. Do this a few times, and he should learn the trick.

If your pet is fond of water, you have another easy option for exercise. Just let him go for a swim in a safe body of water and this will ensure a great workout.

Another great idea is to get exercise along with your dog. Walking and running are both good activities. Just make sure that both of you are up to the demands of this type of exercise. Work up slowly if either of you has been sedentary for a long time.

Get a Veterinary Check-Up for Your Pet

Just like humans, dogs aren’t always ready to jump into an exercise program. If there is any doubt, take your companion to the veterinarian’s office for a wellness checkup. This will help to ensure that there are no unwanted surprises after exercise begins get facebook followers apk. ┬áRemember to pay attention to nutrition as well. Feed a high-quality brand of food, and be sure not to overdo it with the treats.

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To get a wellness checkup for your four-legged companion, just call us here at Valley Green Veterinary Hospital and make an appointment. We serve the areas of Harrisburg and Etters, PA. Once your dog gets the all-clear from our vet, feel free to go for a walk, start running, or play a game of fetch.

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